Who am I?


My name is Kelsey Harrison and I am simply a soul, striving for authenticity, vulnerability, and working towards my rawest and most wild self. I hope to curate for a safe space that is filled with the goodness and reality of life.

When I was 14 years old I hiked the Grand Canyon from rim to rim.  This was my first backpacking trip and its purpose was to find something to bond over with my father, when in reality it gave me SO much more.

As most 14 year olds would do, I refused to break in my shoes because.. well they weren’t cute. I didn’t train, or pay much attention to the trip prep meetings we had.

Thanks to my stubborn younger self I ended up with over 14 blisters on my feet, heat exhaustion, sunburn, and overwhelm in general.

Regardless of all of the pain and exhaustion, the most impactful memory from my trip was standing at the top of the North Rim with my dad after climbing out of the canyon, and him saying to me
“Kelsey, you backpacked the Grand Canyon from rim to rim, you can do anything.”

Thanks to the adventure, my father, our team, and myself, I also gained a love for the outdoors, respect for the earth, a best friend in my dad, and the knowing that I could accomplish anything.

My life consists largely of yoga, the earth, movement, and spirituality in a non-traditional sense.

At the end of the day my purpose is to connect.  I connect through movement, communication, pictures, social media, events, and any other paths I can find.

I hope nothing more than to inspire you or help create growth. Feel free to connect with me via email or social media.