We don’t create abundance – we must choose to believe in it.

I used to always say to my dad “I don’t need money to be happy” and while yes, this is true, I wasn’t saying this from a place of confidence (I’m sure I thought I was), but from a place of scarcity. If I don’t need money, then I’m not going to be upset when I don’t make a lot of it in life or when others have more than I do etc.

My mindset was rooted in a place of SCARCITY. I see that belief still pop up (and expect that unfortunately it always will somehow).

“I don’t have enough time.”

“I didn’t get enough sleep last night.”

“Life has been too good lately, something bad has to be coming my way.”

“There’s plenty of yoga teachers out there, why am I different?”

“There’s not enough yoga students for me to take this leap.”

“I need MORE.”

This makes all of our decisions come from a place of fear, stress, worry, and need. That doesn’t feel very good to me… Like physically – how does this thought feel in your body once you think it?

“I need more… there is not enough..”

To me – it feels like a tight chest. Like my body is sticky and I am stuck. It is INSTANT anxiety and unrest. I feel trapped and confined. Not a very good feeling I would say…

So. The opposite of scarcity is abundance.

Which brings us to the magical question – How do we “create” abundance?

We don’t create abundance – we must choose to believe in it.

The truth is… we don’t. We must choose to BELIEVE in abundance. It starts with noticing when those thoughts of “not enough” show up. Like this morning when I woke up at 2:30 am after getting a solid 5 hours of sleep, my first thought was that I didn’t get enough sleep, but the reality is that I woke up well rested and energized.

And then when we see that belief shows up, we flip it. We take a pause and check in – wait a second – I do have enough. There is enough. I am enough.

Scarcity is a belief we do not have to buy into. Transforming this mindset frees us from living in a place of helplessness to stepping into our power and taking control.

Where does scarcity show up for you?

Is there not enough JOY for everyone? Therefore, you don’t deserve it.



Now – rewrite that thought from scarcity to abundance.

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