Favorite Backpacking Products


  1. Arc-teryx Beta AR Jacket – This is a phenomenal hard shell and is 100% worth the money. Built with vents in the armpits, this jacket insulates more than you would imagine, while being breathable at the same time. One of the worst feelings is being on a trip and being cold/wet and this jacket will save you from that. I personally wear a mens medium in this jacket and it works perfect as a hard shell while layering on trips.


  2. Smartwool Socks – A few things can ruin a trip… being cold and wet. More specifically, cold on your feet, hands, or head can be a game-changer. These socks are my #1 go to for warmth. The merino wool keeps you dry and at the right body temperature for days (and yes I wear the same pair for multiple days if I can). They are so sure about the quality of their socks that they accept returns for up to 2 years after purchase if you are’t at 100% satisfaction. DON’T cheap out on your feet.

  3. Jetboil or MSR Pocket Rocket – Both of these are the top camping/backpacking lightweight stoves. The Jetboil is becoming increasingly popular and it often brings water to a boil faster because its build has more wind protection. The MSR Pocket Rocket is also great for bringing water to boil and it better for backpacking due to its light weight and small size. The MSR is also slightly more adaptive, since it is a single stovetop vs. a set container to boil water.

  4. Katadyn Hiker Filter – This is the best selling water filter on the market for outdoor gear in the US. It is extremely lightweight and easy to use, and can create 1 quart of clean and filtered water a minute. There are a lot of different ways to filter water while in the backcountry, but I highly recommend this if you are looking to filter into water bottles or bladders, or if water is scarce and you want to fill up while you can.


  5. Suunto Core Watch – While it does not track your GPS or heart rate, this watch is designed to last on your adventure. It is extremely durable and has a long lasting battery. This watch is one of my favorite pieces of gear. It has all of the normal watch capabilities and also will tell you the sunrise/sunset time, has a compass, weather information, a barometer, can track altitude, a storm alarm, and a depth meter for snorkeling.

  6. Osprey packs – There are so many great brands and companies out there but personally, I am a loyal customer of Osprey. I now own 4 Osprey packs and have loved every single one. From my Osprey Daylight pack that is 20 liters to my Osprey Ariel 75 liter pack I am committed. I love the brand, fit, and am so comfortable with the set-up of the pack itself. As a woman, their packs fit my frame very well and are extremely comfortable for long backpacking trips.

  7. Stuff sacks – I don’t have a favorite brand but these are necessary when backpacking. It helps SO MUCH to have separate bags for your clothes, food, toiletries, and whatever else you bring. I also prefer the style that roll down to shrink your clothes or remove the air from the bag. This not only saves space but provides some organization to your pack.

While there are so many other brands/products that I love, these are a few that I find I always need on my trip. I would love to hear some of your favorite products/gear!