Mantra: I embrace discomfort.

We are always reaching for comfort, for certainty, for safety. It’s our instincts to go after what feels “safe” and while this made sense years ago when we were constantly in danger of disease, of the wild, and of death, it is no longer needed.

We no longer need to live in this state of survival where we have to have our guard up all the time against life. Our instincts to survive are keeping us from LIVING.

It’s time to get risky and uncomfortable. It’s time to take chances, to step out of our boxes, our comfort zones, and to make changes.

Uncertainty and discomfort is where things happen. It’s where growth happens.

Growth may not always be success; it may be falling on your face, messing up, and getting hurt. These moments are mistakes or failures, but they’re room to learn, to try again, to evolve.

This can be seen on and off your mats. It can be seen in trying a new pose where maybe you fall, or going for that person you have a crush on and getting turned down, or applying for your dream job and being denied.

Take it as growth. You must fall, before you can fly.

When we stay in our comfort zones, we stay in our past rather than build a future. When we aren’t moving forwards or backwards, we are stagnant, and we settle.

Think of water. When water is moving, forwards or backwards, it has momentum, it pushes, it grows stronger, gains speed, it changes, and it picks up new things.

When it is stagnant, it becomes dirty, filled with moss, algae etc. It becomes a place you wouldn’t want to swim or drink from. It settles.

And when we become stagnant, we push success, opportunities, and people away.

It’s time to grow, to move, to change, to flow.

One of our the biggest fears of change is being judged. Judged by our loved ones, by strangers, heck, by the world.

The reality is that it DOESN’T MATTER. What others think has no effect on you, and if you’re flowing, moving, and doing what feels good… Then who cares? Because when you have created the life you thought you could only dream of you will be thankful you were “weird” or “different”. At the end of the day, the only opinion whose matters is your own. The only guide you need, is within you.

I’m learning how to get uncomfortable, how to take chances that aren’t guaranteed and to trust myself more. To trust what FEELS right, regardless of if others think I’m crazy, annoying, reckless, or lost… Because at the end of the day, I’m not. I’m not lost, I’m not found, I’m not searching, I’m simply trusting, embracing, and flowing.

So be weird, be odd, and get uncomfortable in your life.

I embrace discomfort. It creates space for growth, for change, and for magnificent.