Be love

Yoga is so much more than just a workout, more than just the beautiful poses, beautiful asanas. To me, being a yogi is having a dedicated practice. It’s coming to your mat almost every day and trusting your body, moving intentionally, intuitively.

It’s meditating every day; whether that’s a seated practice, walking meditation, or simply finding space in your breath. It’s some days struggling through the noise of the world, feeling lost and clouded.

It’s crying on your mat. It’s opening your heart and finding the rough parts of yourself that need work.

Your body is so connected to your heart and mind. The first pigeon pose I ever did resulted in an overflow of emotions and tears.

To me yoga is worship, it’s worshipping this body I’ve been given, it’s worshipping this universe, this Earth, and whatever YOU want to be worshipping.

It’s creating a safe space for yourself and others to exist and share.

It’s so much more than the postures. In fact, the poses are a small part of the lifestyle. They’re pretty and important for many reasons, such as preparing your body for meditation, to stay strong, healthy and to lose the distractions of your physical body.

But being a yogi also means to be kind, to live a life of non harming, to be giving, to surrendering, and to doing so much more than just pose and sweat. It’s doing all of this in addition to the physical practice to the best of our abilities, and then being kind to ourselves when we struggle.

It’s dealing with our shit and our problems, especially when we don’t want it.

It’s asking for help and being humble.

What I’m trying to say is that you don’t have to look a certain way, be able to hold a certain pose, or wear name brands to be a yogi. You have to love. Live life as the best and kindest version of yourself, and be kind when you fall. It’s so much more than a handstand or flow.

It’s being love in every way possible.

Love is hard. Love isn’t always butterflies and happiness. It’s saying the hard things. Being the friend who calls people out even at the risk of losing the other person. It’s being strong and standing up for yourself. It’s asking for what you need, what you really need.

Be love. Even when it’s hard.