The Magic of Creativity

Today I was reading a book (Big Magic) about how ideas and creativity are their own source. How they have the ability to come to us, and to leave us if we don’t act on them, bringing them into the universe. It’s the same thing as when a person has an idea for a novel. If they take too long to write it down or bring it to completion then they may end up losing the magic behind their inspiration. Or when two people have the same idea with no connection to each other, yet normally only one person finishes the creation of that idea.

I thought this was so beautiful and mystical. It’s magical how ideas can move from one person to another; how they can choose who they want to bring them into light and they can also leave us.

It’s a great reminder that anything we create isn’t ours. We don’t come up with these amazing ideas or inventions; we tap into the universe and bring them into the physical world. They are gifts.

We must remain humble and realize that every thought, idea, creation, business, invention, discovery… It already exists, we are simply the vessels bringing it here. This is also a reminder that we aren’t competing with other souls. We are all working towards the same goals and will get there faster with collaboration. We can’t look down or be angry if someone else finishes our dream before us, because we most likely had the time to complete it but not the urgency. That’s on us.

So do your best, support others, love the ideas that come and go, and create when its right.