Change of Seasons

The connection we have to the earth is undeniable – just as the seasons change, so do we.

I love summer. I love warm weather, the activities that accompany it, I’m an all around sunshine lover. In addition, I’m a pitta, and that’s my season; I thrive, I feel so full and awake everyday. For me it’s like waking up and just being like IM SO HAPPY TO BE ALIVE and really during the warm months I feel that every day. I freaking love summer.

Moving to Charleston has been awesome for my mental state and my energy. There’s more warmth, more sun, more clean air, I love it.

But it’s leaving me and when fall comes around it gets weird in my heart-mind. Don’t get me wrong, I love fall too; flannels, bonfires, pumpkins, and especially thanksgiving, but let’s be real, I like the idea of it more. For me fall is always full of heartbreak. It’s when I have had most of my relationships end, many loved ones pass during this season, traumatic events, and when I look back it all makes sense.

Things are changing, they’re moving on, just as the leaves do. So I love fall, but I more love the idea of it, and I love what comes after fall, and no I don’t mean winter. I mean the space from whatever changes are happening, from what things or people are leaving my life creating opportunity and bringing the new experiences. I love fall, but it’s always freaking hard on me.

I’m pushing through and looking forward to the growth from what comes after, and challenging myself to really enjoying fall rather than struggling in it.

Today, I chose the perspective that fall brings change, it’s brings growth, and by pushing me it shows how strong I am.

I am strong.

You are strong.

Find your strength, and trust the process.