Show Up

Today’s mantra: Show up.

This is the hardest part of anything really, showing up. Physically or mentally, arriving is the hurdle we often get stuck on.  This appears in all areas; not wanting to get out of bed or to leave the comfort of our home, avoiding new people and social outings because it takes a lot of energy, not being fully present with your loved ones, feeling too drained to smile and be kind to that person who is having a bad day. This is where we get stuck, and where we lose our opportunities for growth and experiences.

Show up at that job you may not be thrilled about, show up for your friends or family who needs you, show up for that stranger who needs a kind word, a door held, or even simply a smile.  Most importantly, show up for yourself.

Once you show up for that workout you are dreading, you have done more than you would have otherwise.  You don’t have to run 10 miles or lift the heaviest weights, just show up and do your best.  This sounds so simple and you may roll your eyes, but once you begin showing up in life physically and mentally you will realize the difference.  You will be amazed at the people you meet, experiences you have, lessons you learn, and also begin realizing the small magical moments in life.  The more you show up, the more you are aware and the more you receive.

Show up, the rest will follow.

This is my current mantra, my reminder, and my goal; to show up to my mat, in conversation with friends or family, to be genuinely and truly present, showing up mentally.