10 Things You Must Do in Amsterdam

10 Things Not to Miss in Amsterdam

  1. Rijksmuseum: As with any museum, its important to arrive before it opens to get a good place in line, otherwise you may end up spending hours waiting in line. This is one of the most popular museums in Amsterdam.  It is a Dutch museum that reflects over 800 years of history and art.  Here you can see artwork by artists such as Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and many others.

  2. Anne Frank House: Located at the city center of Amsterdam, it is easy to locate this museum.  Here you will experience history as a story through photographs, videos, and many historical items from her life.

  3. Vondelpark: This is the biggest city park in Amsterdam and is also the most visited park in the Netherlands. It is close walking distance from the Rijksmuseum and is a host of live music, community events, family fun, dogs, and a good place to enjoy sunshine.IMG_0730

  4. Leidseplein Square: Located right next to Vondelpark, this is a center for nightlife and street performers. Leidseplein is an ideal area to enjoy a drink while watching breakdancers or live jazz in the square.

  5. Red Light District: This area is well known for the brothels, sex shops, coffeeshops, and often has a bad reputation. While all of this is true, the area also has a great atmosphere that is friendly and safer than you’d imagine.  All of these businesses are legal and regulated which takes a lot of the danger out of them, although it is always good to stay in groups and be aware while traveling anywhere.  It is important to keep an open mind to other cultures and to experience what other countries have to offer.  We enjoyed exploring this area and never felt unsafe while visiting here.
  6. Dam Square: The square is always bustling full of tourists and locals, either shopping at the wide variety of stores, or indulging in some of the amazing cuisine offered here.  The Royal Palace is located here and is home to many royal events, and can also be toured by the public.

  7. DSCN2810
    De Pijp: If you are looking for old pubs, great coffee, and narrow streets filled with artists and other creatives, then this area is perfect. These streets are lined with stores and restaurants from all different cultures, and this area is also home to the well known Albert Cuyp street market.  This is the largest market in Europe and one of my favorite experiences in Amsterdam!

  8. Alto: This jazz cafe offers great drinks with authentic live jazz music every night. Definitely a bar to check out if you are looking for a relaxing and intimate atmosphere.

  9. Regular Jack: Casual sports bar with good drinks, food, and vibes.  Check this location out if you want a more relaxed and almost “American” atmosphere.

  10. Amsterdam is full of art and history around every corner, and most of our favorite spots weren’t found on any list so be sure to wander with an open heart and mind.


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